Real Techniques Makeup Sponge

For people who always apply makeups or would like to apply, I recommend you to watch this video because it has the entire steps on how to use this makeup applicator. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is a sponge that is used for the purpose of applying beauty makeup. Its revolutionary foam technology evenly blends makeup to make a smooth finish. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge has been designed with unique features such as the 3in 1 multi functional makeup sponge. These 3 unique features give three ways when applying the liquid foundation. These 3 features include;

  • Rounded sides-it blends large areas of the face with a repeated motion.
  • Versatile design-it blends makeup to bring a smooth outcome leaving the user impressed and gorgeous.
  • It has tips that protect the imperfection.

Ingredients and benefits

This makeup applicator has not been manufactured with many different materials since it is only a beauty makeup applicator. Its main ingredient is the sponge.

This sponge has many benefits. Some of its benefits are;

  • Gives the users natural look after using it to apply makeup.
  • It is very soft thus does not hurt the user while using it.
  • Has rounded sides which cover large area of the face.

How to apply

  • Use the fingers to apply the foundation on the skin.
  • You should use the sponge to apply the foundation in the face in dotted form so as not to apply directly on the face in circle which may cause the spillage of it into the eyes.
  • After applying the foundation on the face use the flat side of the sponge and pat gently with motion to allow a uniform application of the foundation on the skin of the user.