Lip balm makeup

Most people don’t know exactly how to use the lip balms and when to use them. Today I have sampled a video that will show every step on how to use the lip balm and when exactly you need to apply them. Lip balms have more benefits than you ever thought. Lip balms have been designed to be applied to the lips of the mouth. Below are some of its ingredients, benefits and how to apply them.

Ingredients and benefits

Ingredients that are used to make the lip balms are not as many like for other makeups. Their ingredients have no any effect since they are made from natural organic materials. Some of its ingredients are;

  • Body butter
  • Nourishing oil
  • Bees wax

Lip balms have many benefits. Some of the benefits it has are;

  • Act as a protection- Lips are different from the rest of our skin since they lack melanin. Melanin is a substance that protects us from sun’s ray hence the use of lip balm act as a protection from the sunlight.
  • Application of lip balms on the lips is very easy unlike other makeups and it is also easy to carry since they are small in size and can fit in purse.
  • Lip balms are good since they make a dry lips to become smooth and soft.

How to apply

Lip balms are easy to apply because most of them are made with tubes that have wheels. This how you apply;

  • Roll up the wheel to allow the lip balm to rise so that you can set it to the exact position you need to apply.
  • Smear the lip balm on your lips smoothly so that you can achieve a desired level.
  • Always start from one end of your lips going towards another end so that you can have a good layer of lip balm on your lips.

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