Eyeliner makeup

This video is among the best for eyeliner makeup tutorial. It explains every step you need to follow while applying this makeup and also its benefits. Eyeliner is a type of makeup that is applied at the eye lids. It has an ink of different colors which is contained inside the pen body. They are designed with the exact shape of a pen thus making it very easy to handle and to apply. They also create clean lines after using them on your lids.

Benefits and ingredients of eyeliner

Although there are different types of eyeliners they all contain same ingredients which are the film formers, thickeners and pigments.

Eyeliners have benefits also. Some of these benefits are;

  • The thickeners such as natural gums, clays and waxes stabilize the formula of the eyeliner hence ensuring it sticks on your lids.
  • A pigment contains iron oxides which creates different types of colors that are on different eyeliners.

How to apply

For people who have not applied this makeup before you must start by;

  • Tilting your head slightly at the back and ensure you are able to look on the mirror.
  • Apply a layer of eye shadow base before applying the liner.
  • Start to draw the lines on the lids whenever you feel you are in good position so as you can avoid being mixed up.
  • You don’t need to draw a complete line along at once, so draw some dashes along the lid and you should know how you want your line to be whether thick or thin line. Feel any gaps that will be remaining.
  • Your liner should always be thin at the corners and be thick at the outwards.
  • After you finish lining your lids, wait for about some seconds before you open your eyes. Doing this will help prevent any dust from attaching itself to the eye line.
  • Then after that you can dust a translucent powder over the line to make it shinny.