Best way to make perfect booty

Before you want to perfect your booty so that it can be of good shape and size. You need to know all the requirements which includes workout, diets and even the type of shoe that you need to have. For the shoes type, you need to find the shoe that can meet your expectation. So you need to purchase squatting shoes instead of football shoes. The squatting shoes are the shoe which you need to have so that you can be able to do more exercise without getting fatigue quickly.

Squatting shoe are mostly designed with flat and firm sole so that when doing squats this shoe allows you to feel the floor making it easy for you to lift weight while squatting. Shoe with raised sole will always make you to tire very quickly. This shoes also have wide area in the inside so that your toes will not feel much tightness and too sweaty.

Workout for making perfect booty

Some of these ideas for workouts should be followed so that you can achieve in making perfect booty. Some of these workouts are;

Perform hydrants with leg extension

This type of workout should be done in a room with enough space especially a gym because you need to bend down with all fours (both legs and hands) with your knees hips-width apart and your wrists should stack over your shoulders. You begin by raising your leg and foot so that it can reach its maximum then you lower it slowly until it taps the floor. Do this for a number of times completely so that you can feel at least some pain then you can stop.

Perform bridge

Doing some bridge mainly means lifting your butt. This type of exercise always strengthens and builds up the muscles on your hips and butts. You should always start by lying flat on your back floor with your hands and knees bent. Your feet should be above your shoulder and steadily rise your hips from the floor but your back should be kept very straight. After doing that, lower your hips slowly as you breathe in steadily. To achieve the maximum of this exercise you should repeat it more than 10 times.


Performing squat has many advantages apart from just making your butt perfect but they also make you flexible. Squat is mostly done by weightlifting which is always the perfect way in strengthening the muscles of your hips and butts. With a pair of proper squat shoes (find out more info here and here), squats can be done by lifting body weights or you can just do it regularly for people who cannot lift weights. For ladies who can lift this body weight you can do it for 5 sets or 4 sets.


Eating of good diet foods will also improve the looks of your booty. Some types of this diet foods are; eggs, fish, chicken, oatmeal, spinach, brown rice.

Sweet potatoes

Although they are not rich in carbohydrates, they are rich in vitamin c, vitamin B6 and potassium that are always good for building a bigger and better butt.


Nuts are source of proteins just like eating meats and fish since they produce high calories. Nuts increases the energy levels in the body thus providing fuel which increase the power for doing exercise that produces a better but.


Avocado is a fruit that is very rich in fats. It contains fiber and potassium thus making it a healthy diet. This rich fat fruit encourages the growth of great and bigger buts.