Tinted moisturizer

These are types of beauty cosmetics that are designed to be used on any type of skin. They are more lightweight than a liquid foundation. They perform a very good job in maintaining the condition of a skin. Ingredients and benefits This tinted moisturizer has many types of ingredients. Some of its ingredients are; Glycerin […]

Real Techniques Makeup Sponge

For people who always apply makeups or would like to apply, I recommend you to watch this video because it has the entire steps on how to use this makeup applicator. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is a sponge that is used for the purpose of applying beauty makeup. Its revolutionary foam technology evenly blends […]

Lipstick makeup

Lipstick is a colored cosmetic applied to the lips from a small solid stick. It has been manufactured to be used mostly by ladies as a beauty makeup. It is of many colors differentiating from each other. It always sticks on the lips after it has been applied. Ingredients and benefits of lipsticks Most of […]

Eyeliner makeup

This video is among the best for eyeliner makeup tutorial. It explains every step you need to follow while applying this makeup and also its benefits. Eyeliner is a type of makeup that is applied at the eye lids. It has an ink of different colors which is contained inside the pen body. They are […]


Every part of civilization is known to invent a way to improve their looks. Everyone wants to be beautiful. Today am going to explain to you how to apply mascara, an eye beauty enhancer, the right way. Mascara can be defined as a cosmetic used to darken the eyelashes. The video above is the best […]

Lip liner makeup

Most of you (ladies) wonder after using lip stick, you just need to make your lip stick to be in a suitable position or not to wear off quickly. The answer is always inside your heads but you never want to think a lot. A lip liner can be used so that your lipstick will […]

Powder makeup

Today i am going to show the best video about application of a face powder. Most people know about a face cosmetic powder as a powder that is applied to the face to set a foundation after application but they don’t have the ideas about its benefits and even how to apply it. This face […]

Nail polish

Nail polishing is an art, in order to achieve the best appearance you must know the right technique and amount of polish to apply. You should also know the type of polish compatible to the look you want. Nail polish is a great part of our culture and has been around for quite a while, […]

BB cream makeup

Today am going to show you what most of you especially ladies have been waiting for a long time. The video above is an illustration of how to apply the bb cream makeup. Most of you never take their time to learn how to apply this makeup and this mistake always makes the cream not […]